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Choose by your heart and give to your loved ones something special.

Nowadays there exist lots of possibilities what one can do with the ashes of the deceased. The ashes may be placed into the urn grave, may be scattered or according to the latest trends they can be shown off as well. You can keep the ashes at home, place into a columbarium or an urn cabinet or directly on grave.

If you have decided to place the urn on a visible place your first step will be a choice of a decorative urn (a decorative cover for the urn) into which you can place an official urn given to you by crematory or the ashes can be with dignity poured into this official urn (poured urns).

A huge range of decorative covers is available today. We can choose from many different shapes, materials and designs. We should although try to choose by heart in order to give our deceased loved ones something exceptional and unique. Choosing a cremation urn is considered as a last material and dignified gift, through which we can arrange nice and calm rest for the deceased.

It is very important to choose the urn according to the type of placement. A good salesman states by each urn for which placement the label of the urn is suitable for.

In case urn for outdoors is chosen and will be placed directly on the grave ledger, it is ideal to choose urn from a resistant material such as natural stone or artificial stone. These materials are resistant to direct rain, sun and frost. No material is entirely without a maintenance, therefore is necessary to count with the fact that the urn must be cleaned once a year. We can recommend the Artificial stone urns from our range of products.

Urns are very often being put into urn cabinet which is placed on the grave ledger. Usually it is a stainless steel glass topped cabinet or a stoned cabinet with stainless steel glass topped frame. Urn placed inside is protected from direct rain and according to the placement of the urn may be partially hidden from direct sun.  Urns are hidden from unpleasant weather conditions therefore more various materials can be used. We do focus on production of composite urns mainly which are suitable into the urns cabinets as well as for outside columbarium. Columbarium is characterized by the same conditions as the urn cabinet. They do protect the funeral urns from direct rain and partial sun as well.

Question which follows is whether a wooden urn shall be placed into an urn cabinet or an outside columbarium. The fact is there is no guarantee that the wood will be able to cope with dropping humidity and direct sun which will be coming through the glass. The wood may actively work when facing direct sunshine and thus small cracks can be found very easily. Therefore it would become necessary to repaint the urn with a protective oil each year.

We can also come across with indoor columbarium situated inside the buildings. Thanks to the same stable climatic conditions into this type of columbarium we can place urn made from any type of material. Choose from our wide range wooden urns, design urns, composite urns and artificial stone urns.

Nowadays trend is to keep the urn at familiar surrounding, where we are closer to the loved ones. Any material can be chosen when in interiors. If decorative casket is a choice of yours and the urn is going to be placed at home we should be able to select by shape and design mainly. The urn should fit into our home, blend with, become an accessory and evoke fine memories for the loved ones.

We can recommend wooden urns for you from our wide range of products. Wooden urn can become an interesting accessory for interiors and by looking at first sight one could hardly recognize that it is not an accessory but a mourning urn holding the ashes of the deceased. Nature origin wooden urns are covered with oil and go well with massive wooden furniture. Those urns which are covered by lacquer we are able to match with colorful pieces of your own furniture. Although to us what always matter is the taste of yours.

Next step is a choice of colorful label for the urn. Good salesman should be able to recommend a suitable nameplate. First of all we have to choose an appropriate size of the nameplate. Colour of the metal label should match with the colour of the urn.  Nameplates are afterwards chosen from the same metal the urn was made from. The last thing left to choose is a type of script (simple or ornamental) and graphic interpretation of the nameplate where you can choose from our huge choice (various frame types or symbols).